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What Femularity Offers:

  • A Safe and Respectful Community: A space where we can learn about AI with other women who get it. It's all about helping each other succeed.

  • Exploring AI Tools Together: We learn and explore AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Ideogram and more. We share what we're doing with AI and learn from each other’s unique projects.

  • Co-Working Opportunities: Ever wanted someone to just sit with you and work together? That's what we do here - we encourage members to hop into video/voice calls to get - and give - help and support as needed, or just keep each other company while working.

  • Asking for Help 24/7: Our Discord Manor House is always open. Need a hand? Jump into a voice or video call. Want to lend your expertise? That’s where the magic happens.

  • Self-Care Focus Months: As busy women, taking care of ourselves often takes a back seat. We kick-off every June & December with a self-care workshop and continue the month with lots of inspiration and encouragement to care for your lovely self!

    Belonging + Empowerment + Shared Purpose means supercharging your AI skill set and staying ahead of the curve.

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