Hey there, I'm Jessa

The first time that I knew that AI was going to change everything, especially my own life, was on August 1st, 2022, when I discovered Midjourney. When I first saw the images of coming out of Midjourney, it was transformative, literally. I felt my mind opening as I watched the characters from a story that I had carried in my head come alive as beautiful watercolors. I also recall that the first thing that I did with ChatGPT was ask it to help me therapeutically, like a talking journal. As the words scrolled down the screen and some of the weight lifted from my shoulders, I was utterly amazed. It was so healing.

What you are creating, what you are doing is going to be so powerful for sooooo many women.

-- Morgen | @MorgenVictoria3

Meet the Founder of Femularity

The idea for this group actually came from my friend Morgen on Twitter who said: You should start a women's AI community...Women's elite in Ai - so I did. I want to find the other AI explorers, the other women out there who are doing amazing things, powerful things, creative things, unique things, out-of-the-box things with AI. Who are changing their lives, bettering their lives. That's how Femularity, a mix of the feminine and the Singularity, was born. I choose the name because I hoped women who were in the AI space would immediately recognize it - and because I believe and hope that collective intelligence can help align artificial intelligence. People, in this case women, coming together.

By the way, I dictated this story into OpenAI's speech to text API, Whisper, and it transcribed my words beautifully. Femularity is built from the ground up - with the help of AI.

There have been many times when I have tried to express my joy, wonderment, and enthusiasm about Artificial Intelligence to the people in my life - friends and family - only to receive shrugs or blank looks. For months, I spent so much time wondering, 'Where are the people out there that are as excited about AI - who are as well, frankly, obsessed as I am?' To share some of the things that I was learning, the neat and wonderful things I was doing with AI, I started a YouTube channel called IVersusAI, in which I share the ChatGPT tips and tricks that no one else is talking about.

There are so many positive things that Artificial Intelligence has done in my life, but what I really want to do now is to recognize the power of the collective intelligence that happens when women - powerful women - come together to share their joy and learning about this amazing new technology. It's going to change all of our lives, but I believe that if we come together, it will change our lives for the better.

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