What is the subscription fee?

The first women into the mastermind join at the Founder Tier which is FREE. The Founder Tier will be free forever but is only available for a short time. After that point, Femularity will transition to a monthly subscription for new members.

What is the application process?

Just share your story about AI - your first experience with AI or showcase anything amazing you are doing with AI, professionally or personally! That's it! Just head over to the Join page and fill out the form. Tip: We'd love to see videos of you so feel free to record your story!

But I am a man and want to join!

When starting this community, I really felt the need for women to have a safe space because in the tech/AI communities women are underrepresented. However, we want to include our male colleagues, partners and friends so we are considering opening the Manor House for special events and workshops. To find out when these take place, send a message to femularity at gmail and let us know you are interested and what you are doing with AI!


Membership Details

Member Benefits & Support

What's included in the Founder Tier:

  • Founder's Rate Guarantee • No matter how The Femularity grows, the Founder Tier will always be free, to show our ongoing gratitude

  • Digital Gathering Space • Access to The Femularity Manor (Discord)

  • Safe and Respectful Community • We share tips, tricks and tutorials to learn and explore AI tools together

  • Exclusive Perks • Discounts and special offers from sponsors, such as our partnership with ImagineAI.Live which offered all women in Femularity $500 off general admission to the March 2024 conference in Las Vegas.

  • Self-Care Focus Months • We kick-off every June & December with a self-care workshop and continue the month with lots of inspiration and encouragement to take care of ourselves

Will more perks be available in the future?

Yes! We are always looking for ways to offer learning opportunities to our members. Future plans include speakers, workshops, masterminds and in-person meetups. Our first goal is to grow our community and make connections and provide care and support to the group as a whole, then we will ask the community what they want!

What platform does Femularity use?

Femularity is hosted on Discord, allowing for collaboration in text, voice and video form.

How do I get help once I am a member?

Either Jessa or one of the mod team members are happy to help answer any questions you may have! Just hop into the 🎫・support channel in the Manor House (Discord)!